Le bloc de la l'ovale de Franck a reçu son traitement cosmoline, on dirait un bloc NOS







 Un petit rappel du gros travail sur la ventilation effectué sur ce bloc!



 Bientôt un petit 2332 à monter donc !

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consiste en quoi ce traitement ?

Écrit par : playeur3 | 18/12/2010

C'est un traitement qui vise à stabiliser le magnésium, il ne s'oxyde plus, les photos sont vraiment laides, en fait le bloc a maintenant une apparence jaune.



Écrit par : viNce | 18/12/2010

Hi, I'm writing from Peru, I read about what you did with your bus in 2006 because I'm also interested in putting a fk43 for a beetle but later because first I have to buy one, for the moment I have a sand rail and daily driving a bus 1584cc, w / scat c25, 2 solex, please let me know if you had any problems or wear with Lifters and bores for speed and lift of the cam, do you think is well put EMPI 28mm lifters w / oil lubrication, I put together a 2161 (84x90.5) or 2234 (84x92), with the shortest rod you can, on central idf carb 44, 40x35.5 valves, say I can get something over 135 hp to wheel and more than 165 pounds of torque so I'm not sure is whether the wheel or flyer with a beetle that arm for everyday use with 8x31 crown at the high torque and weighing vw, thanks for your response

Écrit par : Javier Peirano | 20/12/2010

Hi Javier, how are you?

I can't tell you if there is any wear on the lifters bores because I've never torn down this engine for now. I use shell mineral oil + a can of ZDDPlus at each servicing. Lash never changed so I think there is no wear on the lobes or lifters faces. My cam was ground on a Scat SC1 cam blank and I use Scat lube a lobe lifters with Steve Long Racing parko-polish.Engine has about 6000 miles on it so it is maybe too early to have an objective opinion. When I dialed the cam, I found that it had the advertised 250°@0.05" duration but my rockers turned out to be 1.5 ones, so I have
0.570" lift at the valve. Pretty hard for only 250° of duration, so I'd be more concerned for valve guides wear or/and valve train fatigue.

If I were you, I'd use the Fk43 with dual carbs as single weber and dellortos are pretty hard to tune correctly when used as a single carb. Another good thing to know is that the Fk43 even in 108 lobe centers is a pretty good cam for turboed applications.

Hope it helped!



Écrit par : viNce | 21/12/2010

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